Gravesham Pride – A Community Interest Company

Gravesham Pride CIC are dedicated to the promotion of inclusion and social cohesion within the borough of Gravesham.

We provide services to both the LGBTQ+ and Business communities and we look forward to bringing both together with a fantastic Pride Celebration on

15th August 2020

Picture Credit Pride Edinburgh by STV News With Thanks

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  • We knew we had to create an official policy and our employees needed clear guide lines. None of us knew where to start.

    Doorway Security
  • Working with Gravesham Pride has taught us a lot and made us think about the way we work with other communities too.

    Rooms for Retiring
  • We didn’t realise we were actually scaring away potential new business.

    Crowell & Morton
  • We’re confidently touting our Diversity Awareness credentials thanks to the great training and ongoing support we have from the Gravesham Pride business team.

    Skewed & Bent


  • Quiz Night With Mama G
    26/03/2020 19:00
    March Quiz Banner
  • Gravesham Pride 2020 Parade
    15/08/2020 12:00
    Edinburgh Pride
  • Gravesham Pride 2020 Street Party
    15/08/2020 12:00