Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Treasurer / Business Director

Treasury, Business Management, Compliance, B2B, WebDev


Serial-survivor. Conscious, socially, from the mid 70s. Still active & occasionally dancing. Likes playing on mountains. Raised in the Midlands. Ran away to London in the 80’s. Decided to retire to the country after many years in Greenwich. Made a temporary move to Gravesend – Still here 7 years later.

A data entry clone stepped up to systems analysis to relieve the boredom, Technical support lead to process design & management which was much more fun. SMB management specialising in technical support services for creative industries. Now semi-retired combining a little time in funeral services with the odd engaging personal project.

I’ve always been on the side of equality. I see how destructive fear is compared to the benefits a little understanding can bring. No one is normal. No one should have to live in fear of being themselves. I’ve always enjoyed plotting a party too. It’s great putting things together and seeing the pleasure they bring. I have some time to spare right now and I believe I have the professional skills to ensure Gravesham Pride serves Gravesham in the best way possible.

Pride is a protest! We come together demanding equality and the freedom to live without fear. We could riot – we have done before, but seriously, riots are a jar.  I love how Pride brings people out. I love how we make it a bright, colourful, fun event in spite of the challenges we still face. I love how we make Pride inclusive – because after all, we know what it’s like to be left out. But, first and foremost, Pride is a Protest!